This site is of the many photos I have taken of the beach where I go to write "Our Precious Lost Loved One's Name By The Sea" on my memorial blog "Eternal Names By The Sea". Everytime I go to the beach, I am amazed how differently it can look, depending on the seasons, weather and time of day. Please come back and visit often as I will be regularly adding photo's. I am happy for you to copy any of the photos if you would like too.
The location of "Our Precious Beach" is at Somers, on the Mornington Peninsula, approximately 2 hours South East of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Kay xxxx

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Somers Beach - 5th June 2009

The Path Leading To Somers Beach
View From The Top Of The Staircase
With The Little Seat On The Left
View From The Top Of The Staircase
Looking East Towards Phillip Island
And A Closer Picture Of The Little seat
I Love The Words That Have Been
Inscribed On The Little Seat

Another Photo From The Top Of The Staircase
Looking South
Towards Bass Strait
Looking East Over Westernport Bay

The Stairs Leading Down On To
Somers Beach
Looking West

This Is A Wider View
Somers Beach
Looking South West Towards
Balnarring Beach
On Somers Beach
Looking East
Over Westernport Bay
Towards Phillip Island
The Staircase Leading Up From The Beach
Facing North

The View From The Top of The Staircase
Looking East
These People Have a Wonderful View

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Somers Beach - Late May 2009

When I first began writing names by the sea,
I would go to a beach 5 minutes up the road,
But I often found it had a lot of seaweed,
So that's why I always now write the names
at "Somers Beach".
The following photos were taken
in late May 2009
At 4 O'clock in the afternoon
In the short time I was there
The sun was setting very quickly.
This is the path leading down
Towards Somers Beach.
The Staircase down
On to the beach
The view from the
Top of the staircase

Looking towards the West

The locals don't always take notice of this sign!!

Looking West

The sun setting very quickly
In the West
I have also learnt its always best,
To write the names and take the photos,
Early in the morning,
Because that's when there is the best light.
The weather is not always on my side,
Especially if we have had recent storms,
As well as the ever changing tides.
I do really enjoy going to the beach,
In the early morning,
And many of the locals ask me what I'm doing,
As they take their morning walk along the beach,
To go to our little general store to get the newspaper.
After I have taken the photos of the names by the sea,
I always leave the names in the sand,
And let the waves take them out,
In to the ocean,
So they can all be together,
Looking after each other.
I also feel that if I was to rub the names out myself,
I would be totally disrespecting,
Our Precious Lost Loved One's,
As well as though of us that are left behind.
I feel its such a privilege and honour,
For me to be able to,
Remember those we miss so dearly.
"They will never be forgotten"